Building the perfect feedback loop

On 1st June, my mom got diagnosed with Jaundice. That day, I packed my bags and got back to Jaipur, my hometown. I have been here ever since. As my mom recovered, my wife went to her parents and my Mom took full control of the kitchen with little help me from me and dad. The routine has 3 meals. Same time. Almost everyday. And we try to wrap up kitchen by 8.30 PM. My father till date has never complained about food. Actually, complain is the wrong word. When asked – how is the food, his response has always been – All good, only for my Mom to discover missing things when she starts eating. But despite all the years of him saying -all good, she always asks after he takes the first bite – How is the food? 

He has never raised an eyebrow. I on other hand, am able to give her pointers on what might be missing. What amazes me is her consistency to seek feedback. No matter how has the response has been earlier. No matter what the trend has been earlier. She is not biased by the feedback of the last meal. Every meal – same question. The intent – feedback helps you become better. 

And then, for some cosmic reason, this video popped up on my timeline where Elon Musk was asked – What is the most challenging thing for you? With his might, status, legacy, he took some time and answered – building the right feedback loop remains the most difficult task at hand. He mentioned that there are so many false positives that building and getting the feedback loop can be the most challenging thing. 

Obviously, I read about this in Managing OneSelf – a pocket guide by Peter Drucker. off the many things the book tells – one that I can recall is to write down your key decisions and revisit those points after 3-6 months and ask yourself – if the decision you took went well or not. Simple put – build your feedback loop. 

So go figure. 

Go figure your feedback loop. Build one. 


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