Compounding – For everything  The concept of simple interest was first taught to me in 6th standard. I was 12 years old then. Compounding is best understood as a mathematical formula, which is probably the only reason why it is taught in Maths. And that’s how I had always thought about it until 2013. In…

Growing up in Middle Class, Spontaneity and Sanity

Keeping the spontaneity  Growing up in a middle class family taught me several lessons. The ones that has stuck with me for the longest was – “Spontaneity is our biggest enemy“. When I look back at my childhood – almost nothing was spontaneous. I remember, when I was in Class 6th, there was a small…

Building the perfect feedback loop

On 1st June, my mom got diagnosed with Jaundice. That day, I packed my bags and got back to Jaipur, my hometown. I have been here ever since. As my mom recovered, my wife went to her parents and my Mom took full control of the kitchen with little help me from me and dad.…

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